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    This versatile 2-in-1 glove design gives you all the warmth benefits of mittens along with full flexibility to operate your dials, whether you need one finger or four it is just a zip away.

    Designed for both the videographer and photographer in mind, the Lukas Riedl Signature (UNISEX) model allows you to adapt to the conditions with this 2-in-1 Liner and Mitten. Access your fingers and thumb with a zip and flip tech.

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Lee O (Irvine, US)
Gifted and liked!

My bro is a photographer who’s going to Iceland in March so I got him these. Small fit him fine and it likes nice as shown on website.

Russo (Nederweert, NL)
For winter in the Caribbean sea

I went to the arctic circle region as I like to go every year for northern lights, landscape and wild life photography. I've read some good stuff about the gloves and decided to get 2 pairs after try the famous brands like Northface, Columbia etc... What a disappointing.
- The touch didn't work at all, I mean 0, nada!
- The Skadi zipper "sleep bag for your hands" is terrible to open and close when using the gloves, almost mission impossible, to put your thumb out is very hard, is better to keep it open or have everything set in your camera to just press the button. Still, your hands will freeze.
- It can't handle the arctic temperatures at all, I had days/nights from -10c to -37c and always freezing. Putting the fingers out for drone, it freezes in 5min with -13c. Deep winter? no way!
- The liner with skaddi zipper is useless. I've bought a cheap basic merino liner for 9 euros from Decathlon and it works, also another 2 pairs of touch finger made of wool that worked perfectly and costed me 7 euros.
- The Customer support was good, they understood all my needs and proposed another solution, something different. Well, I will not be able to test it on time to give a decent review of it as where I live we do not have that kind of freezing temperatures.

Dominik (Neukirchen am Grossvenediger, AT)
Best glove to have as a winter photographer!

I am on my second pair of skadis now as I unfortunately lost my first pair.
The cool thing about the Scadi is that you get a do it all Setup 🤓

The mits aren’t as bulky as other warm Mits and the merino inside helps for a great not sweaty yet warm climate in your gloves.
The liner really helps when it gets super cold, and I mean suuuper cold! I have used the skadis moth the liner down to -25*C and they where cost and warm.
The liner itself is also nice to wear on a everyday basis. No Mather if it’s on a walk with my daughter or on the bike in spring or fall when it gets chilli outside.

The skadi is also my favorite glove for ski touring as you can wear the liner alone for the hike up and then just aware it for the mit.

…. As i Said, you need this do it all glove setup!

Keep it up Vallerret! Great work!

Oksana (Moscow, RU)
Very big for a woman's hand

The store manager chose the wrong size for me. Mittens and gloves turned out to be huge! My arm is 18 cm long and 20 cm wide. I was advised to buy a size M.
The inner glove does not fit the hand, but dangles on it. At the same time, the glove has short fingers. If you buy a size S, will the fingers of the glove be even shorter??
Perhaps this model is designed only for a man's hand.
Because the outer mitten is also huge, like a parachute.

Oli (Meisterschwanden, CH)
Deep Winter?

I thougt the Skadi has a great performance for coold days. But even around 0 Deg.C I cant feel any insulation from the inner Glove. I m better without wearing them. What did i miss?
And I dont like the seams placed under my nails.. sorry for this bad review folks!