Primaloft/Merino Liner with touch Photography Glove

Size Guide
  • Fits inside all Vallerret Photography Gloves

    This UNISEX Primaloft/Merino liner enables the use of the flip tech whilst leaving nothing exposed and still able to swipe your phone or touch the LCD screen on your camera.

    Add the extra layer for warmth, or use by itself on a mild winters day.

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Gloves for Every Winter Condition

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Pierre Dreyfus (Paris, FR)

very good product

Gary Steinfort (Wasilla, US)
Excellent pair of warm liners

I live in Alaska & I'm looking forward to my next chance to photograph the Aurora and really test them, just need clear skies

Candia Peterson (Walton, US)
Great product

High quality gloves that work perfectly for photography.

Tamara Stubbs (Frome, GB)
This liner is works the best with touch screen

I have tried both the Vallerret liners and both are warm but this one works much better if you need to use a touch screen.

Mykola (Amsterdam, NL)
Great idea, but weak fabric

After first wearing them just for 15 min, appeared gaps between middle and ring fingers on both hands. Second attempt was to use them as liners with Markhof Pro 2.0 and they teared on big fingers both hands just from usage once. It was quite strange, point fingers in Markhof have tightly holes for fingers, but thumbs have fluently holes. I repaired them and tried to use with city leather gloves, but after several more wearing appeared one more hole on middle finger. It's pity, gloves were so nice at first look, but not affordable for real life.
Gloves "suitable" for temperatures about +10C (maybe +5+6C without any wind) or as liners for another gloves. Touch inserts quite good in comparison with touristic gloves, which I tried, but in real life we tap not by center of finger and this causes some difficulties. Almost not possible to type text from screen keyboard, but possible to slowly find contact or open app.