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END OF LINE - This Model will not be reproduced. Check out The Markhof Pro 2.0!

The ‘Markhof Pro Model’, designed for adventurous outdoor Photographers with inspiration by Landscape photographer and Vallerret Team Shooter, Simon Markhof.

Flip the fingers back and access your dials. From the mountains to the streets the Markhof Pro Model equipped with a 100% merino base layer is your everyday glove for extending your session and capturing those prized shots in increased comfort and in even more style.

Markhof Pro Model:   Markhof Pro Model Sizing Guidelines:
  • 100 % Merino Wool inner: Nature’s best weapon against the cold ensures a fitted and warm glove optimized for photography.
  • FlipTech finger caps: You’re ready to shoot in seconds. Just flip the finger cap and enjoy full access to your dials.
  • Magnets: Keep the FlipTech open and out of the way, increasing your access to your camera.
  • Ergonomic fit: Fitted glove to ensure a great camera feel
  • Softshell & Suede: Durable & water resistant Softshell with excellent wind protection. Water resistant suede and YKK zips.
  • Non-slip grip: Featuring Mt Cook of New Zealand. Our Super sticky grip keeps your camera safe.
  • Photography specs: Pocket for your SD-Card or hand warmer and microfibre lens wipe on the back of the thumb.
  • Jersey Cuff:  keeping your wrist toasty warm, slip on and slip off with ease.

The Markhof Pro Model is designed for Mild Winter conditions.

Markhof Pro Photography Glove by Vallerret - warmth rating


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Customer Reviews

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This is a beautiful glove. Great for mild winter outdoor photography. But lacks one huge necessary. A photographer needs to use the index finger as well. It is essential. That glove finger has no opening. Consider that adjustment and I just might by another glove and recommend them to another colleague. But for now, I cannot.

Falling apart at the finger holes

These are very good gloves and intact they are very good for what they are designed for.
I was very happy with them as a glove but all the stitching has unravelled on mine where the fingers come through when you fold the thumb and forefinger parts back.
In its design this was always going to be a weak point so it should have been especially looked after.
These are not cheap gloves so they should have been better made.
They were well cared for by me but didn't stand up to wear for very long.

Hi Hector, very sorry to hear the gloves didn't hold up for you. We want our clients to be 100% happy so if you send us an email to and describe the issue in detail, maybe attach some pictures as well, we'll be happy to help you out! Best, Anna
Markhof Pro - dexterity v warmth

I’ve lived with my Markhof Pro’s now on a few early morning winter shoots where temps were around 2 degrees. I think there’s always going to be a trade off between warmth & how dexterous your finger movement is, but I think you can only have both if you also buy the under gloves with these. They are simply not warm enough on their own for when conditions approach zero or below so just be aware of that. I’m therefore giving them 3 stars on that basis, that the extra cost involved can make this combo an expensive proposition.

Valleret Photography Glove the Essential for Winter Photography

Vallerret Photography Glove Is the glove I have always wanted, which allows me to operate my camera freely in cold weather. I can’t find any other glove which is better than Valleret Photography Glove. It is well-made and easy to take on and off, and the fingers can move flexibly while keeping warm. It will accompany me through out my winter photography.

Thanks for your feedback nan zhu, we're stoked you like our Markhof Pro glove! Cheers, Stine

Haven’t yet put these gloves on test

Sizing Chart


  1. Measure around the widest part of your hand with a relaxed open palm.
  2. Measure from base of hand to the tip of the middle finger.

NB: We design our gloves to be snug for best camera feel possible. This sizing chart reflects snuggly fitted gloves.

Unisex Sizes XS S M L XL XXL
Hand Girth cm  18 - 20  20 - 21 21 - 22 22 - 23 23 - 25 25-28
inch  7.1 - 7.9   7.9 - 8.3  8.3 - 8.7 8.7 - 9.1 9.1 - 9.8 9.8-11.0
Hand Length cm  16.0 - 17.5  17.5 - 18.5 18.0 - 19.0 19.0 - 20.0 20.5 - 22.0 22-24.0
inch  6.3 - 6.9 6.9 - 7.2 7.1 - 7.5 7.5 - 7.9 8.1 - 8.7 8.7-9.4
 EU Size Equivalent  EU 7.5  EU 8 EU 8.5 EU 9 EU 10 EU 11
 Unisex Glove Models: Markhof Pro 2.0 | Skadi Zipper Mitt | Ipsoot | Alta Over-Mitt | Merino Liner Touch | Primaloft/Merino Liner
Female Sizes XS S M L XL
Hand Girth cm 16.0 - 17.5 17.5 - 18.8 18.5 - 20.0 20.0 - 21.5 -
inch  6.3 - 6.9 6.9 - 7.4 7.2 - 7.9 7.9 - 8.5 -
Hand Length cm 15.5 - 16.5 16.3 - 17.2  17.0 - 18.5 19.0 - 20.0 -
inch  6.1 - 6.5 6.4 - 6.8 6.7 - 7.3 7.5 - 7.9 -
 EU Size Equivalent  EU 6  EU 7 EU 8 EU 9 -
Female Glove Models: W's Nordic

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Nordic gloves

I finally found gloves who are warm enough to photography outside but also allow hands movements and setting the camera functions.

Stoked to hear you're happy with the gloves Gemma! Warm hands and happy winter shooting :)
Great lightweight pair of liner gloves

I very much like these gloves. I have 3 pair of them now. I most often use them alone and when it is very cold I use them as liners for the Vallerret mittens. When using them alone, I have found them to be nice insulation between my hands/fingers and the cold surfaces of my tripod. I have also found them to provide a bit of insulation even when wet. The only reason I don’t rate them at 5 stars is that they lack any “tackiness”. I need to be careful when handling my camera or even more so my lenses as these gloves aren’t “grippy”. This is probably a consequence of being designed as a “liner” glove where the “grippyness” would make it difficult to insert them in other gloves. Furthermore, the fabric is, by design, “stretchy”. So any material that would be added to make them more “grippy” would need to also be able to stretch. Maybe they could use little dots of “grippy” material similar to the socks that my grandchildren have so they can run around on hardwood floors without slipping and sliding as would happen with normal socks. ;-). All that said, I very much like these gloves and keep one pair in my down puffy at all times.

Thanks for the feedback Dan, really happy you like the gloves overall :D Warm hands and happy shooting!
Markhof Pro 2.0 Photography Gloves DO THE JOB!

I had tried two other less expensive brands of photography gloves and found both to be lacking, either inflexible or not warm. This pair from Vallerret are both flexible and warm. They're great!

Outstanding Mitten!

Over the last 10 years, as a landscape photographer, I have been using a popular brand "-30F mitten" for my backcountry treks during winter months. Once on-location, I have been shifting to a wind-resistant glove to provide more dexterity with camera controls.

My wife has another brand of mittens with 'touch sensitive' liners that, quite frankly...suck! So, my mission has been to try out the Vallerret photography mittens with touch sensitive liners both for my own benefit, but also for her.

I am supremely happy with these mittens. They are very warm (temps were 0F -> 14F on day of 1st test trek), the ability to unzip the upper portion of the mitten to expose the liner for camera control was fairly easy and the liner, the touch sensitive liner is, by far, the BEST liner I have ever used with my smartphone.

I would give these a 10 star rating if I could and will be happy to purchase a pair of these mittens for my wife, in the near future.

Comfortably Handy

The gloves fit well when I tried them on upon receiving them and I'm pretty tickled about the tripod key. :) Sadly, spring is upon us so I didn't have a chance to truly try them out. I look forward to that day.