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Milford Photography Glove

Milford Photography Glove

Tinden Photography Glove
Daniele Preziotti (Bologna, IT)
Super Qualità!!!

I used the Tindens for my latest winter outings even with temperatures of -8 they were super very warm hands and allowed me to continue taking pictures despite the conditions

Hi Daniele,
Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to hear that our gloves are providing you with the warmth and protection you need in cold weather.

Urbex Photography Glove
Alan Hitchings (London, GB)

I chose the size according to instructions on hand measurement and find the gloves too tight and just wearable, so hope with wearing they will soften/give way.

Hi Alan,
Sorry to hear the gloves were not the perfect fit. We do offer free size exchanges!
Feel free to drop us a line at :)

Tinden Photography Glove
Mike Carroll (Little Ferry, US)
Best Photography Gloves

These gloves tick all of the boxes from warmth to flexibility! While I’m out in the cold under freezing conditions, I need to make sure my hands stay warm and comfortable. I love the option where I can add a hand warmer inside the enclosed zipper. The zipper compartment can be used for other things if you choose as well.

Hi Mike,
Thanks for your feedback!
We're thrilled to hear you're loving the Tinden gloves :)

Skadi Liner
Harold Bamberg (Loganville, US)
The Best!!

I ordered a pair of Tinden gloves and at the end of my order I was offered a discount to get the Skadi liners. On a whim, I ordered the liners. I was skeptical because I have a dozen or so light weight gloves and liners stuffed in pockets of jackets in my closet and drawers. They are not warm and you know the ones I am talking about. Everyone has these liner things and probably, like me, several pair. Some with the e-tipped fingers, some in polar fleece, others with Polartec - they are not warm. They are not warm as liners or as light weight gloves. The Skadi is the exception. They are warm in moderate temperatures. I have been pleasantly surprised at how well these are built and how durable they are. Honestly, having pretty low expectations, the first time I wore these was to do yard work. They survived unscathed!! And they kept my hands comfortable and warm. From now on these will be my go to gloves in moderate temperatures. I don't know what I am going to do with all the other light weight gloves I have, but I know I won't be wearing them!! Thanks Vallerret!! The Skadi are the best light weight gloves I own.

Hi Harold,
Thanks for your review! Awesome to hear you're loving these liners!

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove
Richard Boyle (Dublin, IE)
Excellent purchase

I got a good test for the first use of my gloves on a photography tour to North Wales with snow, sub-zero temperatures and high winds and rain. They kept my hands warm and the camera accessible. Excellent grip. Very happy with them.

Thanks for the feedback! We're glad you're enjoying the gloves!

Tinden Photography Glove
Harold Bamberg (Loganville, US)
Not Worried About the Cold Anymore!!

My Tinden Photography Gloves arrived a few days ago and I have to say I am impressed! Right out of the box I noticed the build quality is excellent. The gloves are well designed and most importantly - they are warm. I am an obstacle course race photographer and I spend hours (10 - 12) out in the elements - in one spot - capturing images of racers in the cold, in the smoke, jumping over fire, and crawling or slogging through very large amounts of mud. About half my events take place in winter or spring and the temperature is a factor. Cold hands are distracting, uncomfortable and sometimes painful!! I am looking forward to having warmer hands for my next shoot - this weekend. Temperatures are supposed to be in the 30's. In the southern United States 30 degrees is a big deal because the humidity will likely be high as well. There will probably be an update after this shoot. But right now, I am not afraid of the prospect of a cold day of shooting. Thank you Vallerret! This will probably not be my only pair of your gloves!!

Hi Harold,
Thanks for your feedback on the Tinden gloves!
We hope they keep you warm during your shoot!

Tinden Photography Glove
Tinden glove

Overall a very good glove and I'm happy with the performance but when the weather is very cold it would be advisable to wear a glove liner as a base layer. Bear fingers exposed after hinging back the glove finger and thumb need further protection in sub zero windy conditions. The magnets worked well keeping the glove tips in place.
Also some of the unusual and partial grip design on the one finger is peeling off already after 2 weeks use. I would prefer to see the fingers totally covered in a better bonded grip, it looks like it was a cost cut in design made to look good.

Hi James,
Thanks for the feedback on the Tinden gloves.
We're sorry to hear there's an issue with the peeling. Feel free to drop us a line at with a photos and we will look into it.

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove
Don Schmitz (Wabasha, US)
As ad advertised: functional photography glove and warm winter glove.

Still breaking them in, which is good since it will fit me perfectly, but have used them on a few occasions.
They are just warm enough for most wintry days but not too warm for daily use driving and walking from parking lot.
The flip open finger and thumb make using camera dials easy without losing warmth.
Also, the shaped fingers help hold the camera securely as well as tripod and other accessories.
An extra I like is the tightening tool tucked in the top of the glove. I wish I could find one to keep in my pocket all year long.
Not sure the lens wipe is very functional but haven't used it. Maybe a regular lens wipe cloth tucked away in the pocket on the other glove will work better.

Hi Don,
We appreciate your feedback!
Awesome to hear you're enjoying the gloves :)

Neck Warmer - 100% Merino Wool
HERVE GEORGE (Faulquemont, FR)

produit conforme à mes attentes

Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear you're enjoying the neck warmer :)

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove
David Kinkade (Enumclaw, US)

Today is March 8 and I ordered the gloves February 6 and they were shipped immediately but I have not received them yet. Here is the tracking info:

2023-03-07 00:00

Departure to destination country
2023-03-06 00:00

Item arrrived at sorting center
2023-03-06 00:00

Item presented to import customs
2023-03-06 00:00

Arrival at importing country
2023-02-16 00:00

Departure to destination country
2023-02-15 00:00

Item received at Deutsche Post Mailterminal
2023-02-14 00:00

Shipment information uploaded to Deutsche Post

Hi David,
Sorry for the delay. Please check your inbox for an email from us :)

Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP
Tadas (Klaipėda, LT)
Love it!

Just Love it! Perfect glowes for photography.

Thank you for your review! We're so glad you love the Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP!

Urbex Photography Glove
Kevin Pearce (Fareham, GB)
Excellent Gloves

I have over the past years looked for Gloves, related to photography. I have always been disappointed they have either been to small/large or not warm enough, these I took the chance without having the ability to test them out, lucky for me that are perfect will be purchasing others for Vallerret in the near future.

Hi Kevin,
Thank you for your review! We're glad you're happy with the gloves :)

Hatchet Photography Glove
Pierre Guezennec (Zurich, CH)
Warm and convenient

Those gloves are very warm and yet super convenient to use, I really like them and take them every time I go out in the mountain to take pictures. Definitely happy with them!

Hi Pierre,
We're stoked to hear you're enjoying the Hatchet gloves!
Happy winter shooting :)

Alta Arctic Mitt Photography Glove
Jarno Nurminen (Helsinki, FI)
Amazing winter gloves!

Absolutely stunning gloves for deep winter. In my personal view, better than Skadi Zipper Mitts. The zip is better placed and more practical to use. The gauntlet cuffs are very long and roomy so they protect your wrists well with no issues to drag it over your jacket sleeves. Top shelf product!

Hi Jarno,
Thank you for your review! We're so happy you love our Alta Arctic Mitt Photography Glove! We hope you enjoy using them this winter!

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove
Markoff v3

Los guantes están muy bien, pero igual tendría que haber pedido os tinder, igual los markoff en temperaturas extremas van justitos

Markhof Pro 2.0 Photography Glove
Thomas Dunlop (Tewkesbury, GB)

Wonderful gloves. Use them all the time not just for photography.

Urbex Photography Glove
כרמי מוסק (Jerusalem, IL)

Urbex Photography Glove

Microfibre Lens Cloth - 3 Pack
Francesco Mussapi (Scalenghe, IT)
Guanti ottimi

Non ho potuto testarli in ambienti action perché mi sono arrivati dopo il rally di Montecarlo, testati durante due giorni di nevicata portando fuori il cane. Sono molto caldi anche senza il sotto guanti e molto comodi, resistono bene anche all’acqua visto che il primo giorno la neve era molto marcia. Unica cosa la cerniera per fare uscire le dita la trovo personalmente un po’ difficile da richiudere ma ci dovrò prendere la mano
Nel complesso molto soddisfatto

Hi Francesco,
Thank you for your review.
We're stoked you're enjoying the Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP. An easy way to use the zipper is to flip back the thumb of the Mitt first, so you have that available to grip onto the zipper.
Hope that's helpful :) Happy winter shooting!

Tinden Photography Glove
Maurizio Lupia (Rimini, IT)
Very good service

Order come in time

Alta Arctic Mitt Photography Glove
Mike Hastilow (Brighton, GB)
large and warm

I suffer from Reynauds so easily get very cold fingers which are then useless. This mitt which goes over my gloves is great and takes heaters inside without trouble and solves the issue

Hi Mike,
Thank you for your review of the Alta Arctic Mitt. We're happy to hear they are keeping you toasty and warm over your gloves :)

Merino Wool Long Sleeve Tee
Sergio R. (Loures, PT)
As advertised

Excellent quality wool apparel, highly recommended.

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove
Elizabeth Searle (Concord, US)
Awesome Gloves for Photography in the Cold!

I ordered these gloves for my husband and myself, for birding (him) and wildlife/outdoor photography (me). We are out sometimes for quite a few hours, and need to keep warm, but need the dexterity of fingertips without gloves getting in the way, and these gloves absolutely deliver! I love the grippy palms, the amount of padding, and the handy zipper storage on the outside. I also love that they clip together and the magnets on the fingers hold them around my camera strap when I'm indoors and take them off. Exceptionally well made, thoughtfully designed, and highly recommended!

Hi Elizabeth,
Thanks for your feedback!
Great to hear you're both enjoying the gloves :)

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove
Brian Cheney (Kettering, GB)
Pro V3 for UK wildlife

Gloves were selected after friend recommendation. Delivery was fast with me in the UK and goods shipping from Europe. These gloves ooze quality in terms of manufacture and the fold-back fingers are easy to use. The only downside is that I still have cold fingers when out in temperatures only just below zero. I had hoped my hands would be 'toastie-warm' but sadly not.

Hi Brian,
Thanks for your feedback.
Sorry to hear the gloves are not warm enough.
The Markhof is designed for Mid Winter conditions. We recommend adding a liner underneath for an extra layer of warmth.
Feel free to drop us a line at :)

Vallerret Stash Beanie
Mark Brion (London, GB)
Vallerret Stash Beanie

As a natural world photographer, I visit many cold weather climates as part of my work. I have a Vallerret Stash Beanie which is fantastic and keeps my head warm in the coldest of climates. I would certainly recommend the purchase of this great product from Vallerret. Five stars!

Hi Mark,
Fantastic to hear you're loving the Stash Beanie!
Stay warm and happy winter shooting :)