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Capture The World In The Wet & Windy
The Milford Fleece Glove and Shell is a 2-in-1 photography glove solution, keeping you warm and protected against the elements with the Polartec® Windstop® fleece and a 10K ripstop Shell. Designed to keep you warm on Wet & Windy Days.

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Versatile 2-in-1 Design
The combination of a windproof fleece liner and a waterproof shell gives you the flexibility to adapt to different weather conditions. Use the fleece liner for warmth and comfort during milder days, and when the rain or snow starts falling, simply slip on the waterproof shell to keep your hands dry and protected and keep on charging.

Flip-Tech Fingertips for Precision Control
Each glove is equipped with three flip-tech fingertips (or "Tri-Flip-Tech" as we like to say), allowing you to expose your thumb, index, and middle fingers with ease. The finger caps can be held back with elastic straps. This feature enables you to maintain optimal dexterity and precision control when operating your camera or touchscreen devices. No more struggling to remove your gloves for critical adjustments or touch-sensitive tasks.

Enhanced Grip for Stability
Stability is key when capturing sharp and professional-looking photos. The Milford features a Uniquely printed non-slip grip across the palm, providing an enhanced grip on your camera and accessories. Say goodbye to accidental slips and hello to exceptional image quality.

The Name "Milford"
Not all Winters are created equal. Named after the moody & majestic Milford Sound in New Zealand, our Milford 2-in-1 glove is the solution for your mild, but stormy photography adventures.

PS: Check out the Non-Slip grip Artwork! Yep, that is Milford Sound.

Designed for: Mild Winter

Tech Specs
  • Polartec® Windbloc® Fleece
  • Tri Flip-Tech finger caps (thumb, index & middle finger)
  • Touch Screen Ready
  • Pocket for Shell Glove
  • Shell Glove: Made from 10K water-repellent rip-stop with DWR coating and a laminated membrane.
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    The Milford Fleece Glove and Shell is a 2-in-1 photography glove solution, keeping you warm and protected against the elements with the Polartec®Windstop® fleece and a 10K ripstop Shell. When the weather turns stormy, the Shell can be pulled from the back of the Milford Fleece Glove and slipped on over the top. Not all winters are created equal, the Milford is the solution for your mild yet stormy winter photography.
    Suited for Every-Day Use in Mild Winter.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Allan Liska
    Warm and Functional

    I’ve already had a chance to use these gloves a couple of times while out shooting and they are wonderful. They are nice and warm, but easy to get my fingers in and out of to take photos. The inserts are great in the rain and snow for keeping my hands dry.

    Hi Allan,
    Great to hear the Milford gloves are keeping you warm during your photography adventures!
    Stay warm and happy winter shooting :)

    bradley snavely

    ice fit, very warm

    Awesome glove

    I have two pairs of the Milford Glove as I like the comfort, warmth, and the ability to have a rain cover for wet conditions. Any time you can wear a glove and have the ability to uncover just your fingers to work your camera is a great idea!

    Hi Sue,
    Thanks for your feedback on the Milford Glove. They're the perfect 2-in-1 glove for those rainy and wet conditions!
    Enjoy your gloves! Happy winter shooting :)

    James Matteson
    Adaptable with a good fit.

    From the outer shell that fits over the base glove to the convertible finger and thumb tips, this is the pair of gloves for me. They fit my hands very well and help keep my hands warm and dry. This is a fantastic pair of gloves.

    Hi James,
    Thanks for your feedback! Enjoy your gloves this winter season! Stay warm :)

    Rick Turrentine
    A great liner and a great shell.

    I bought these for a winter trip to Scotland. The shell is lightweight but wind proof and water resistant. This is my second pair of Vallerret gloves. I also own the Skadi Zipper Mittens for winter shoots. The liner of the Milford will work inside the Skadi giving me more options in the cold or damp. I will only consider Vallerret for my photography hand attire.

    Hi Rick,

    We hope your trip will be amazing and you will catch some great shots in Scotland.
    Thank you very much for your kind words and continued support!

    Gloves for Every Winter Condition