To make it easier for you to choose the right glove for your personal photography needs, we have designed warmth rating illustrations and rated all our gloves to help you understand the conditions that that particular Vallerret Photography Glove performs best in.

The warmth of our gloves is influenced by the materials we've chosen for shell and thickness and type of insulation in each glove.

Markhof Pro gloves vs. skadi zipper mitt gloves
The Markhof Pro 2.0 gloves (left) are are a good choice for a quick photo shoot whereas the Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP gloves (right) are better suited to longer days in colder temps. 


Where are the temperature ratings?

We do not assign temperature ratings to our gloves for the simple fact that temperature ratings are too subjective. Everyone feel the cold differently and the warmth needed for your photography will vary greatly depending on the activity you’re doing, the level of humidity, wind chill, and of course, personal reactions to the cold. Some of us feel the cold much quicker than others.

These factors makes it very difficult assign temperature ratings that fits all, so to give you a more accurate recommendation we provide you with a warmth rating and ask you to fill in the blanks (activity level, expected wind chill, personal reactions) and make your own conclusion on how much protection you need 
against the elements. 


How to chose the right glove based on warmth

While our warmth ratings do not give you a suggested temperature that glove is suited for, it will give you an idea of the warmth of a particular glove compared to our other models. Consider the the type of photography you experience most often. Then think about:

a) Activity level
Are you out in the field, hiking and moving a lot? Are you a wildlife photographer who needs to stay put in a quiet (and cold) spot for a few hours? Think about how much activity you do while photographing and what kind of insulation you need for those situations.

b) How many layers of clothing do you wear?
A good rule of thumb is to mirror how many layers of clothing you wear. If you are bundled up in a base layer, a few midlayers and waterproof outer layer, you'll likely need maximum warmth on your hands too. If you're dressed to go skin up a mountain (i.e. a baselayer and windbreaker) you probably don't need our most insulated glove model. 

The Markhofs (left) can be suitable for a photographer who is moving around quite a bit where as the Ipsoots (right) may be more suitable for a photographer who is standing still, despite experiencing similar weather conditions.



Vallerret Warmth Ratings

Below are our warmth ratings. You'll find these warmth icons next to each glove model on the products page:          


Arctic Winter Conditions

Vallerret Photography Gloves Arctic warmth rating

This rating indicates that this particular photography glove is best suited for photo session in Arctic temperatures with maximum insulation and protection against the elements.


Deep Winter Conditions

Vallerret Photography Gloves warmth rating_Deep

This rating indicates that this particular photography glove is best suited for photo session in very cold temperatures in deep snow. The glove is heavily insulated and designed with high performing materials that shields you from the elements.


Mid Winter Conditions 

Vallerret Photography Gloves warmth rating_Mid

This rating indicates that this particular photography glove is best suited for photo sessions in mid winter temperatures and is a great choice as an Every-Day-Use glove in Winter. Mid Winter gloves have a medium layer of insulation to optimize camera feel and grip.


Mild Winter Conditions

Vallerret Photography Gloves warmth rating_Mild

This rating indicates that this particular photography glove is best suited for photo session in Mild Winter temperatures. Mild Winter gloves have a thin layer of insulation to optimise camera feel and grip.


Light Winter Conditions   

 Vallerret Photography Gloves warmth rating_light

This rating indicates that this particular photography glove is best suited for photo sessions in very mild winter days or early spring. Check with the models if it is applicable as base layer inside other Vallerret Photography Gloves.


Need more help?

If you need more assistance on choosing the best glove for your winter activities, feel free to give send us a message at support@photographygloves.com and we will get you sorted.

Help With Sizing


  1. Measure around the widest part of your hand with a relaxed open palm.
  2. Measure from base of hand to the tip of the middle finger.

PEASE NOTE:  We design our gloves to be snug for best camera feel possible. This sizing chart reflects snuggly fitted gloves.

    Unisex Size Guide XS S M L XL XXL
    Hand Girth cm  18 - 20  20 - 21 21 - 22 22 - 23 23 - 25 25-28
    inch  7.1 - 7.9   7.9 - 8.3  8.3 - 8.7 8.7 - 9.1 9.1 - 9.8 9.8-11.0
    Hand Length cm  16.0 - 17.5  17.5 - 18.5 18.0 - 19.0 19.0 - 20.0 20.5 - 22.0 22-24.0
    inch  6.3 - 6.9 6.9 - 7.2 7.1 - 7.5 7.5 - 7.9 8.1 - 8.7 8.7-9.4
     EU Size Equivalent  EU 7.5  EU 8 EU 8.5 EU 9 EU 10 EU 11
     Unisex Glove Models: Markhof Pro 2.0 | Skadi Zipper Mitt | Ipsoot | Alta Over-Mitt | Merino Liner Touch | Primaloft/Merino Liner | Urbex | Powerstretch Pro Liners
    Female Size Guide* XS S M L XL
    Hand Girth cm 16.0 - 17.5 17.5 - 18.8 18.5 - 20.0 20.0 - 21.5 -
    inch  6.3 - 6.9 6.9 - 7.4 7.2 - 7.9 7.9 - 8.5 -
    Hand Length cm 15.5 - 16.5 16.3 - 17.2  17.0 - 18.5 19.0 - 20.0 -
    inch  6.1 - 6.5 6.4 - 6.8 6.7 - 7.3 7.5 - 7.9 -
     EU Size Equivalent  EU 6  EU 7 EU 8 EU 9 -
    *This size guide is specific only to W's Nordic Photography Glove


    Please note, our gloves are designed to fit snuggly to give you the best camera feel without compromising on warmth. If you prefer a looser fit, please consider to go a size up.

    As we learn more and more about gloves we also learn that all hands are different. Some people have long skinny fingers and slim wrists, others have wide hands with short fingers.

    Our gloves wont fit all even with the right measurements from the sizing chart – but we try!


    What size should I get if I'm between sizes?

    For many, the best option will be to go up a size if your measurements are in between sizes.

    If you are between sizes or if your hands do not fit into the measurements on our sizing chart, we recommend prioritizing the fit for the girth measurement. The girth is the most important measurement and if the girth size on the glove is too small, you won't be able to fit the glove.


    Should I size up for my liner glove?

    If you’re considering pairing a liner glove with your photography gloves, we recommend choosing the same size liner as photography glove. We designed our liners to be thin and fit inside of our photography gloves so we recommend your normal size in liners. There are two exceptions to this:

    Exception #1: If you are at the very end of the ratio size in the sizing chart, e.g. 1 mm from being a size Large, then we advise going up a glove size if you plan to often wear the liner with the gloves. 

    Exception #2: If your personal preference is to wear fairly loose gloves, then you should also go up a size when adding a liner. We don't recommend this as you will compromise dexterity with loose gloves and our priority is best possible camera feel. But you know best what you like!

    House tip: Make sure to choose a liner size that is snug/tight on your hand for the best Fliptech performance when wearing liners and gloves together.