Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove

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    The Markhof Pro V3 is the next generation of our versatile “take everywhere” functional and stylish Photography Glove.

    We’ve taken all the best elements of the previous Markhof Pro Model versions, and given them some umph! Creating a warm and fitted glove with an excellent camera feel, the V3 has everything you would expect from a great photography glove.
    From the streets to the peaks, the Markhof Pro V3 continues to be a fan favorite.

    Designed for: Mid Winter

    What's the difference between Markhof Pro V3 and Markhof Pro 2.0?

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Customer Reviews

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Doug Taylor (Eastleigh, GB)
Gloves and hat

Placed my order for a pair of Markhof Pro V3 Photography Gloves and a hat. They duly arrived well within my expected time scale and am absolutely delighted with them and the service of Valleret

Pierre-Jean Parra (Colomiers, FR)
Good, warm and comfortable gloves

The gloves are warm and well fitting for me. All fingers are well fitted, no excess tissue at the fingertips or anything. But I guess that depends on the shape of your hands. My partner had issues because her middle finger is a bit longer than average I guess, so she had some excess at every other fingertip, which was not practical.
The only reason I do not give 5 stars to these gloves is the fact that the magnets could be stronge, and the thumb is a bit short for me. I frequently have this issue with gloves though, where the cutout between the index and thumb is not deep enough, so I have trouble extending my thumb fully. But that is not an issue at all for photography for me, as my thumb is never fully extended anyway. Again, this is not a defect, it just depends on the shape of your hand.
The magnets for the index fingers could be a bit stronger as well. The thumbs hold ok, but I have to intently and carefully fold the index fingertips if I want the magnets to keep them in place. The openings for the indexes are a bit tight, but that is the nature of this design. Having them looser would mean having a looser fitting glove, which would not be good in my opinion.

Gordon Heddon (Stoke-on-Trent, GB)
Markhof Pro V3 Gloves

As I suffer from 'white fingers', these gloves have enabled me to continue my photography in cold weather.

Waseem Nassif (Obersulm, DE)

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove

Melissa Findley (Portland, US)
Love it!

Honestly, I wouldn't have lasted more than 10 minutes on the summit at sunrise without these gloves. I was actually able to keep my hands warm enough to create photos! A++ from me!