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Raw Cotton


Nature-friendly choice. Vallerret branded drawstring cotton bag is great as a storage bag for your gloves or since it is reusable its also great for other produce like apples, oranges or a loaf of bread.  

*Please note this bag is included (1 bag per order)
FREE OF CHARGE with every glove purchase.
This offer excludes purchase of Liners, Apparel, and Accessories. 

Color: Raw Cotton
Dimensions: 18.5 x 38cm / 280gsm
Material: 25% Linen, 75% Cotton

Customer Reviews

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Scott Morris
Wonderful gloves for functionality and warmth!

Seems like I ordered my gloves at a very appropriate time with this frigid weather that came down on us. But I’ve been very happy (and very warm) with my purchase! Great to have them!

Hi Scott,
Enjoy your gloves!
Stay warm and happy winter shooting :)

David Hart
Bag optional

The only reason I bought the bag was because it came with the gloves with no option to decline it. I don’t really need a device to store my gloves. When I’m ready to use them I don’t really want to wrestle them from the bag. I’ll find a use for it, though.

Hi David,
There is an option to remove the Glove Storage Bag from your cart before you checkout, just by clicking the X. Apologies for the inconvenience. Hopefully it can be useful :)

Julie Hales

Bag is fine- although I was trying to select to avoid having it shipped. I have no need for it. Thanks.

Craig Howe

Glove Storage Bag

Linda Graft

Glove Storage Bag